Bound Apparel’s Sustainability Strategy

At Bound, we create our products with the best quality materials that will stand the test of time. A simple wardrobe is a sustainable wardrobe.
A Circular Future

The future of fashion is circular. To fully realise a circular economy, we need your help.

What you can do

Give your clothes a new life – donate your old clothes to friends or family. This is the most eco-conscience way to recycle your old clothes.

Resell on Depop – The second-hand clothing market is a great way you can sustainably get rid of old clothes.

Send them back to us - If you’re thinking of throwing out your old Bound products, don’t! Instead, send them back to us and we’ll give you a €10/£10 voucher for each piece that you send back.

For details on how to claim this, email us at:

What we will do

When you send us back your old Bound products, we will make sure they find a new home. Depending on their condition, we will donate the materials, donate the products, or repair & resell on our Depop at the same price we offer you for sending them back.